I love smart design, strategic thinking, evocative imagery and beautiful typography. I like design that works.

My history: I've spent my career honing in on what I’m good at—building brands both in the conceptual phase and later, when it’s time to put a brand to work, organizing systems and creating guidelines that really make sense, are easy to use and make people want to implement them. I love the challenges of clients and projects, becoming expert on new problems and finding ways to fix them—beautifully.

My perspective: A lot of the time great identity systems die in execution. They’re too big or too limiting, they’re fragmented or their pieces don’t make obvious sense together. That’s where I come in; I’m that rare right-and-left-brained designer that loves both the conceptual stuff and the execution—putting all the puzzle pieces of a brand together into a system that’s clear and simple, usable and executable. I love to make systems that work.

What now? Think I might be able to help you or your company? Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

Places I've worked: Interbrand, Penguin Putnam (Penguin, Viking, and Penguin Classics), EAI/Unboundary, Iconologic and Thrive. I’ve also worked as an instructor at Portfolio Center.

What I can do: Identity design/corporate identity, logo design, visual identity systems and guidelines. Collateral, annual reports, brochures, and publications. Art direction. Strategy and naming. Web design. Packaging.

Apropos of (almost) nothing: Owned by four dogs (Tippi, Butters, Candy and Coco) and two cats (Max and Bea). Proud aunt to four nephews. Yoga teacher. Happy resident of East Atlanta since 2003.